Bathroom Trends for 2017 that you don’t want to miss

A first glimpse many people see a bathroom space as one of the dullest and un-fashionable and trendy spaces with the home, but if you think about it, it’s one of the living areas within the home which we spend most of our time. So why not let your design imagination go free and turn your interior into a beauty and sophisticated style of design. Who knows what the trends with be for next year’s bathroom design’s, colour and materials, but I think it’s about time we find out.


A textural and timeless flooring or architectural piece hitting the perfect look for any interior. A major and upcoming trend within the bathroom is the use of the same material such as stone on both the floor and walls of an interior, creating a solid yet sophisticated aesthetic look without the interior losing a residential or homely feel.


Colours with depth and complexity / timbers

The major colour trends for the design season of 2016/17 would have to be colours with a wide depth of contrast however that are still sophisticated and show complexity within a home or living area. These colours with include the use of striking yet subtle toned colours, old vs new allow areas for bold statement pieces, unique, solid and colours with range and depth, and colours that add freshness and warmth to an interior such as subtle pinks in order to neutralise and emphasise a design. Timbers are then used to create natural warmth’s and allow cooler colours such as blues and emerald greens to be paired or mixed with  hues of crisp whites and other light and uplifting tones. Timbers and other natural’s materials are often seen to be paired with metals and other rustic materials to create edge and sophistication to a design.


Creative tile patterns and large format tiling

Plain and basic patterned tiles are seen and are becoming a large trend when seen in interiors and other bathroom areas, a creative twist or bold colour to create an unusual pattern or design style embracing and creating an enduring pattern appeal. Creative patterns and unusual designs are then matched with white or neutral design schemes allowing punchy hues and coloured styles to stand out and mix. Large format tiling benefits and creates a seamless and spatial finish and illusion with bathroom areas. Allowing cleaning to become easier and more transparent due to fewer to no grout lines, the use of format tiling there allows a space enhancing, stylish and clean design to be amended.


Nature Lovers

Earthy materials such as stones and rocks are commonly used on the walls and floors of bathroom interiors however a major trend for 2016/17 is the use of these materials seen more predominantly and vastly used on sinks, baths, feature walls, and bathroom furniture. Lush and leafy plants and homewares are continued and are set to thrive through the interior season of 2016/17. With the addition of indoor plants brings the design from within the exterior of the home and allows them to be further added into the design of the interior or bathroom. By allow an addition for these products an integral and changeable element has been added into the homes design bringing warmth and naturalistic components.


Metals and metallic

Looking to create a little magic within your bathroom interior? With the addition of a stunning yet sophisticated design of metals and metallic that won’t be a problem, and this design season is looking to become a fundamental design element. Generally seen and designed through the use of metal taps, towel rails and bathroom and homeware accessories, your bathroom design won’t be feeling too bland or out of style.