Why Choose Us?

7 Reasons you will get more than you expect when engaging Darren James Interiors for your next kitchen, bathroom or renovation project:

1. Innovative Unique Designs.

The continual pursuit of constant stylistic and technological innovation ensures Darren James Interiors create unconventional, personalised and unique spaces. Expect unique and expect to be blown away!

2. Meticulous Detail.

A design is only as good as the finished product. Our meticulous production and construction techniques and quality use of materials ensure we are uncompromising in creating homes that exceed your highest expectations. A superior finished that is ‘built for life’.  Read more about Darren James Interiors quality assurance 

3. Concept to Completion.

Darren James Interiors provides a total and seamless solution by integrating our interior design services with individually handcrafted joinery and professional construction services. As Interior Designers and Registered Builders we can handle your new home or renovation. This means you deal with ONE company from start to finish.  Read more about our design process and how we work.

4. Up to the Challenge.

Challenging floor plans and limited spaces are our forte. No room, home or apartment is too tough! Our design team, technical experience and creative vision ensure the design not only suits the space but maximizes functionality.

5. Value that lasts.

Darren James Interiors offer the best price-quality-design ratio. Sure, we have no doubt you will probably find cheaper. But look beyond price. All things considered – quality, design, service, less stress and peace of mind – it’s impossible to find a better value.

6. Our Guarantee.

We pride ourselves in providing clients with uncompromising quality, service and skilled trades people to build or renovate a home you’ll be comfortable in and proud of, built within budget and on time.  Our quality guarantee covers all our products and construction, ensuring you are secure in the knowledge that we stand by our services. Read more

7. Versatility.

At Darren James Interiors we are flexible when it comes to working with your individual needs and requirements. We tailor our services to suit you! Whether your project is small or of a large scale we can assist. We coordinate everything from start to finish so there is no need to go anywhere else.