3D CAD has not only changed the way we presentation our designs but also the way we actually design.  The impact 3D modelling has on presenting our architectural and interior designs has undoubtedly transformed the way we see a space. Produced solely in our Brisbane studio, our designs have become more vivid, allowing our clients to now take a virtual tour and walk through of their actual proposed construction project.

The importance of understanding design.

Many people have difficulty visualising the actual design when viewing 2D floor plans and elevations.  3D CAD will help you understand how your design is going to look, feel and function and ultimately the more you understand the design, the more comfortable you will be when it comes to making decisions.

3D design clearly helps you visualise –

  • physical dimensions of the space and its distance in relation to adjoining objects and spaces
  • selected furnishings withing a design
  • colours and finishes selected
  • lighting sources and the affects of lighting within a space